About Us

We are Alice and Joschka, two Brick-Enthusiast from Germany.

We both love to build sets with bricks like LEGO and Bluebrixx. So independent of each other we both decided to start an Instagram-Account for this fantastic hobby early 2021 and to share toyphotos of funny, mystic or cute little scenes with minifigures and bricks. That’s where we met each other. While Joschka is a hobby photographer with about 10 years experience, Alice just startet as a newbie to the photography.

At some point a lively exchange about bricks, photography and stories began and Joschka told Alice that he plans to publish a series of pictures from a fantasy world but by now has no idea for the story. Excited Alice came by with the idea for the first part of the Tales of Elandria: “The stone of life” and Joschka immidiatly begun to shoot the five different scenes and post them on his instagram. And so the Kingdom of Elandria was born. Since both of them had so much fun to come up with mor stories and pictures of Elandria, they decided to start a dedicated Instagram Account for the Tales of Elandria and to publish the webiste kingdomofelandria.com.

We hope you enjoy the pictures and tales of the wonderful characters that live in Elandria as much as we do! We would be happy about your feedback. Just leave us a comment here or on instagram or contact us directly.

Also follow our toy photography accounts on Instagram: @Joschka.vanderlucht and @AliceBrickland