The Kingdom of Elandria

The Blazon of Elandria

The Kingdom of Elandria is a small magical realm on the edge of a continent on a world far away. The country’s landscape is very varied. From fertile valleys to barren mountain landscapes and from deep swamps to breathtaking coastal areas. The biggest city is the capital Elandor, which is lying in the northwest near the ocean. The city is flourishing by fishing and trade. Merchants from near and far away are constantly visiting the city over one of the big trade routes or by sea. All kinds of craftsmen are based in Elandor: blacksmiths, carpenters, furriers, shipbuilders and many more. And also the mighty Elandrian Mage Guild is based there. 

The Kingdom of Elandria is bordered by three other countries and in the northwest by the ocean. In the northwest lies Dulcia, in the south Levitas. And in the southeast the horrific kingdom of Terrentos borders Elandria. A war raged between the two countries for many years and the lackeys of the ruling king are a constant threat to the Kingdom of Elandria.

King Landovid and Queen Cireldis of Elandria, whose royal house is based at the top of the city in Elandor, however rule their realm with great pleasure and justice. They are beloved by the folk of Elandria who are of all different groups living peacefully together: humans, dwarfs, elves, mages, wizards and even spirits. But the dark magician Xavodir of Terrentos has put the Kingdom under a horrific curse. Every child the Royal Couple will give birth to will die within the first six month of it’s young life. By now no one was capable of breaking the curse. Sadly Queen Cireldis and King Landovid already lost their first born daughter Amalis. They have to break the curse in order to beget offspring and save the Kingdom of Elandria. 

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