King Landovid

King Landovid is the monarch of the Kingdom of Elandria and rules the country in unity with his wife Queen Cireldis. Landovid is known for being a righteous and straight King who always keeps track of things and is capable of sweeping others of his plans.

While he is highly regarded by the folk of Elandria, however he is said to have a secret weakness which is both amusing and worrying at the same time: He is not a good warrior! Therefore he always is surrounded by his guards, when setting off to battle.

Since the death of his firstborn daughter Amalis, Landovid sometimes falls into melancholy. It burdens him very much that by now he has found no solution for breaking the curse the Dark Magician Xavodir had casted on them. He is concerned not only about his wife, who wishes for a child more than everything else, but also for the Kingdom.

Who will rule it, when he dies sometime and he has no progeny?

Tales with King Landovid

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