Warfd the Dwarf

Warfd is a curious Dwarf living in Elandor working as a carpenter. He is a very good ax warrior and owns the powerful ax “Protector of the Kingdom” which his cousin Ivaldun forged for him. The Ax is forged out of the legendary metal called Ruthenium and contains a rare red diamond which is covered with a spell for good ax guidance. Because of its power and Warfds abilities in fighting with the ax he regularly supports King Landovid and Queen Cireldis if it comes to battles.

In everyday life Warfd loves his job, can’t resist good food and sometimes might drink a little too much beer. Then he gets quick-tempered even more quickly than already. Even if he often seems grumpy, he is a good-natured and loyal friend you can always rely on.

Tales with Warfd

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